Ropes and Riggings

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Ropes and Riggings

The wire ropes end in swaged with 316L stainless steel ends.
We make the parts and the swaging in our workshop in accordance with the mechanical standards in force.

Our standard wire ropes come in diameters of between 3 and 22 mm.
Contact us for bigger diameters.

Our parts are made with AISI 316L stainless steel (ends and closed turnbuckle bodies), or in chrome plated copper aluminium (open turnbuckle bodies).

Subcategories of "Ropes and Riggings" :

  • Standing rigging

    The standing rigging is defined as all the wire ropes or shrouds which support a mast or a structure. The wire ropes end in swaged 316L stainless steel ends.

  • Running rigging

    All these ropes are quality finished and are associated with high performance reliable equipment (snap shackles, blocks, ...) in the production of halyards, sheets and tackle.

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